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Yeah, it's all ALPHA order, guys! LOL. So head on down and check it out...

"A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words"

BSB & NSYNC (Slash)--Nick Carter's been fooling around with JC Chasez--but a camera could spoil the secret!

"A Tribute" Series:

BSB & RP (Gen)--Two stories written in tribute to Czar Nikky's former online girlfriend.
"A Tribute To You"
Nick Carter receives a letter that makes life easier.
"Another Tribute To You (Sequel)"
Nick Carter shares a special letter with Howie Dorough--and finds life on the road can be easier because of his fan.
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"Always And Forever"

BSB (Slash)--Nick Carter and BSB have a rough day while on tour. Here's how Nick makes himself feel better after...

"Baby Trouble" Series:

BSB (Slash)--Nick Carter tells Howie Dorough his big secret--he's actually a hermaphrodite (born with both male and female genitalia). Now he's pregnant--and needs Howie's help!
Part One
Howie discovers Nick is sick. Mornings. What's up?
Part Two
Nick shares a secret with Howie--and they realize Nick is pregnant!
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"Birthday Bash (Or Is That Boff?)"

BSB (Slash) After the concert on the day before Kevin Richardson's 30th birthday, his Backstreet friends give him a special birthday present.

"Come Back" Series:

BSB-Pop (Het) Willa Ford and Nick Carter--will they reunite?
"Come Back--Part One" (1/2)
Willa Ford writes a letter to Nick Carter. What should he do now?
"Come Back--Part Two" (2/2)
Willa receives Nicks letter and ponders what to do next. Nick waits for Willa to answer his note.
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BSB (Het)--An unidentified member of BSB grieves over the loss of the woman he loves... (Author's Note: Written when I was suffering major angst over losing a love of my own.)

"Falling" Series:

BSB (Slash)--Nick Carter is lonely. His friend Howie is lonely, too. Can they find a way to help each other?
"Falling" Part One
Nick realizes his attraction for Howie and decides he's ready to make something happen.
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"Friends Help"

AI (Slash)--An "American Idol" drabble (100 words) featuring Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard.

"I'm Having Kevin's Baby" Series:

BSB (Slash)--Nick Carter tells Howie Dorough his secret--he's pregnant by Kevin Richardson! What should Howie do?
Part One
Nick wants to keep his condition a secret--one shared only with Howie. What should Howie do?
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"Jared, the Painter"

Actorfic (Slashy)--Jared Leto wishes he could paint a picture of Colin Farrell!

"Just Another Thursday" Series:

BSB (Slash) Nick Carter on a typical Thursday on tour. What does he do--and more importantly, what does he think about?
"Just Another Thursday" Part One
Life on the road via bus. Another typical hotel. Some thoughts on women and alcohol...
"Just Another Thursday" Part Two
BSB prepares for a radio interview. What happens at the radio station?
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"Let Me Be Worthy" Series:

BSB (Slash)--Nick Carter wants to be 'worthy' of Brian Littrell's love.
"Let Me Be Worthy" Part One
Nick admits feelings for Brian to himself--but Brian has a wife (and another). How does this make Nick feel?
"Let Me Be Worthy" Part Two
Nick shams sleep and listens to Brian and Kevin talk. Once in bed with Brian, what happens next?
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BSB (Slash)--Nick Carter has to decide how to deal when lover Kevin Richardson decides to leave the Backstreet Boys--and him.

"Ravaging King"

ATG (Slash)--Hephaistion is a prince of a foreign land that Alexander (the Great) comes to and conquers. How will Hephaistion deal with being made Alexander's concubine? (Written in answer to a challenge at the Alexander-the-Great-Fanfic list at Yahoo! groups, moderated by my friends Mistress Marilyn and Charlie!)

"Room Service"

BSB (Slash)--After a bad concert Howie Dorough decides to see what friend Nick Carter is up to...

"Stolen Kiss, Forever Hug"

Non-pop/RP (Het)--Two Real People share stolen moments. (Author Notes: This was written by both my former online girlfriend and me about one another.) A romantic moment in time...
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"The Bed-Wetter"

BSB (Adult Gen)--After the death of his grandmother, A.J. McLean has an 'accident'--and vivid memories of his childhood.

"This House is Cursed" Series:

BSB (Slash)--Nick Carter agrees to visit what might be a 'haunted (and cursed) house'--all alone!
Chapter One: "The Haunted House"
Is the house really haunted? Is there a curse? Can Nick manage to earn the reward for staying alone inside the house for one night?
Chapter Two: "His Beloved"
Howie joins Nick's adventure...
Chapter Three: "Ending the Curse"
Can Nick and Howie end the curse--together?
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"Vampire Fancy" Series:

LOTR (Slash)--(An AR/AU fic.) Haldir has returned to Middle-earth... But didn't he fall at Helm's Deep? How can he be alive? (Looks like he's a VAMPIRE! LOL.)
Chapter One
Legolas encounters a returned Haldir in the library of Gondor...
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"Vampire Moon" Series:

BSB (Slash)--(An AU fic.) Nick Carter and BSB take a short vacation to Key West (Florida), where Nick discovers his friend, Kevin Richardson is a vampire!
Part One
Nick walks the night streets of Key West and encounters a frightening man--who turns out to be a vampire!
Part Two
Did Nick really meet a vampire--or is he going crazy?
Part Three
BSB continues their Key West vaca while Nick continues to find out more about his vampire friend--discovering he's in love with a vampire!
Part Four
Kevin shares vampire secrets with Nick--will they become lovers?
Part Five
Nick and Kevin are headed back from their vacation to everyday life... (Author Notes: Graphic sex in this chapter.)
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"Water Sports"

NSYNC (Slash)--Lance Bass visits Joey Fatone and learns all about 'water sports.'
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