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My Blogs:

My LiveJournal
My GreatestJournal

MY BLOGS... fun little blogging world!

Feel free to visit my blogs and get to know me better...

LiveJournal:  My LiveJournal

I used to write my LiveJournal entries only for myself -- so they were all 'private' (filtered from public view). But I've 'unlocked' most of my entries (and will eventually do that with almost all posts) and enjoy sharing thoughts with my online friends...

GreatestJournal:  My GreatestJournal

Haven't done that much there as of today (March 30, 2004), but hope to do more in the future. (I'm mainly involved in GJ communities. LOL.)

Isn't blogging fun?

Consider adding me as an LJ or GJ friend -- I'd love to know you better!

-April Diamond

love blogging

love to blog

blogging rocks

crazed blogger

Yes, you can use these banners! If you're a blogging fan (like me), then feel free to take one of these...

To Save:

Place your cursor over an icon. Right-click and Save the image to your hard drive.

(Some browsers will say 'Save Picture As...' and some will say 'Save Image As...' Regardless of the wording, the concept is the same!)


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