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Title: "Water Sports" 1/1
Author: Czar Nikky (Nikky, Nik, NK)
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Pairing: Joey Fatone/Lance Bass
Fandom: RPS--boy band (NSYNC)
Date: February 5, 2001 (Belated Happy Bday to Joey--his bday was January 28.)
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Disclaimer: I understand Real People Slash offends many people. I'm sorry if you are one of them, as I don't mean offense to anyone. These people are real and have lives I know nothing about. But this is fiction--and in here these folks are characters in a story--so this is meant to be enjoyed only as fiction. I admire NSYNC and their families, friends and fans. I earn no profit from this fiction.
Warnings: Slash isn't for everyone. If you're offended by same gender involvements please don't read this. Thanks! THIS IS GRAPHIC AND MAY SQUICK SOME PEOPLE. Consider yourselves warned! My story content is not for the inexperienced or weak-hearted.
Beta: This is actually an Alpha story (not betaed). I figure you might want to do the beta and critique here on the list... (Written for a writers exercise at Dreams.)


"Hey, Lance. Come here." Joey Fatone stood in the hallway and called out to his friend who was lounging in an overstuffed chair in front of the TV.

Joey heard Lance Bass grunt a small protest before he used the remote to snap off the replay of women's volleyball he was watching. Lance rose and glanced in his direction.

Joey immediately headed for the bathroom, knowing Lance would follow him like a well-trained puppy.

Joey was garbed only in a short robe, which he hadn't bothered to tie shut. He watched Lance blink his eyes rapidly before turning his reddening face away from the vision of Joey's 'full frontal' exposed by the flapping silk cloth.

Turning put Lance toward the extensive mirrors that wrapped around the expensive bath--Joey knew Lance was now seeing him displayed from every possible angle. Lance gave a small groan and raised a hand to his face. Joey stifled a laugh as he saw Lance staring at the multiple exposures of his naked, hairy body.

"Come here," Joey repeated, leaning inside the huge shower stall and turning on a blast of water. "I want you to take a shower with me."

"You want what?" Lance was obviously dumbfounded.

Joey reached out and grabbed Lance's nearest arm, yanking him close. "I said I want you to take a shower with me." Joey briefly let go of Lance's arm while he slipped out of his robe--then he took Lance's hand in his and pulled him gently in the direction of the interior. The lights from outside the glass doors gleamed through and turned the shower a sparkling golden hue.

"Well, let me undress first," Lance said, offering token resistance. Joey dropped Lance's hand and stood under the spray staring at his friend.

Lance dropped the seat of the toilet and sat down on top, yanking off his shoes and socks. He then stood and turned his back to Joey's gaze while he pulled his shirt over his head and finally unbuttoned and removed his jeans. Lastly, Lance yanked down his shorts. He was naked and embarrassed, but he was determined not to show it to Joey. So he moved into the stall keeping a goofy grin plastered on his face--and his backside toward his friend.

Joey smirked. He knew Lance was dying of embarrassment and nerves. But he had to hand it to the guy. At least Lance was a good sport and was going to give this a try. And considering he didn't know exactly what Joey had in mind, that was saying a lot.

"You like sports--don't ya, Lance?" Joey asked in a 'buddy-buddy' conversational tone.

Lance stood stiffly, caught between Joey and the inner walls of the shower. It was clear he didn't quite know what to do with himself, as he stood dripping water from the burst of the shower.

"Yeah." The answer was tentative.

Joey almost laughed out loud--but he swallowed his amusement, knowing it would only further confuse his pal.

"Well, wanna try one out with me?"

Lance paused--Joey figured he was thinking it over. "Ahhh... sure, I guess," Lance responded. Bet he's still got that smile plastered on his face, Joey thought.

"You know what 'water sports' are, Lance?" Joey took a bar of soap in one hand and began creating a lathery glob by working it into his opposite palm.

"Sure. Swimming and boating and stuff." Lance sounded pleased with himself. He didn't realize that this was something of a 'trick' question from his friend.

"Well... no. That's not the 'water sports' I had in mind, Lance."

Lance turned awkwardly toward Joey. Joey could see his frown. Lance was disappointed to answer incorrectly--and struggling to figure out what the correct answer might be. Joey had to bite his lip to keep from grinning.

"I guess I don't get it then. Did you mean like water skiing or surfing?"

Joey reached out a hand full of lather and began to carefully soap Lance's chest. "Nope. No, I didn't mean those, either."

Joey could feel his erection stretching and starting to lift in response to the erotic touch of his hand rubbing slick soap on Lance's skin. But Lance was too engrossed in reasoning out the subject at hand to notice Joey's excited state.

"Well," Joey continued, now soaping Lance's shoulders, "the sport I had in mind is when two men piss on each other, Lance."

Lance gave a small gasp of surprise. His face turned a quick bright scarlet, flushing clear to the roots of his blonde hair. Joey just kept soaping his friend, ignoring Lance's discomfiture.

"So. Whatta ya think? Wanna give it a try?" Joey stopped his ministrations and stared directly into Lance's face.

Lance's eyes grew wide--but he didn't turn his head away from the stare. "I... I don't really know, Joey. Why would guys wanna do that?"

Joey gave a small chuckle. "Because it's fun, Lance. Because it's also a very sexy thing to do. Don't you like to pee?"

Lance seemed to be considering. Joey grinned and began soaping his own chest.

"Well... but not on someone, Joey. I mean... I never have before. Done it, I mean."

Joey lifted his free hand and dropped it on Lance's shoulder. "Well, then how do you know if you like it or not?" He studied Lance's face.

Lance cleared his throat. "I guess I don't. But it doesn't seem like something a person should be doing," he said, his tone serious. "No offense, Joey!" he quickly added.

Joey dropped his hand away from Lance. "None taken, guy. If you don't wanna, then you don't wanna. I wouldn't want you to do something just to please me if you feel that strongly about it." Joey turned from Lance and stood more fully under the water, rinsing lather off of his hairy chest.

Lance placed a tentative hand on Joey's arm. Joey turned back to face his friend, working hard not to let himself smile. Got ya, he thought.

"I don't feel all that strong against it. I mean, I think I could give it a try if you want to, Joey."

Uh, huh--I bet you could, Joey thought.

"Okay. Well, do you think you need to go?" Joey was damned sure his friend did need to urinate as he'd been pushing Cokes at him from the minute he'd come in the door.

"Yeah. I think so."

"Oooo. Me, too. God, I hate the wait sometimes when I need to piss--don't you?"


Joey gave Lance a friendly punch in the arm. "You ever have your mom run water when you were little--to get things started? Know what I mean?"

Lance giggled a low-pitched laugh. "Yeah. When she'd take me along shoppin' or something. I'd need to go and she'd take me in the Ladies Room. I just hated to go in there with all those women and little girls. Even when I was small I wanted to go to the Boys Room."

Joey laughed in response and soon they were both laughing. "I know what ya mean," Joey said.

"Well, if it was a smaller room and the sink was close by, she'd just go and turn on the tap. It worked every time," Lance said, grinning at the memory.

"Yeah. And they wonder why so many guys end up pissing in swimming pools and public fountains. Geez."

They both laughed again, and Joey reached a hand behind Lance to lather his butt. Lance gave one small start before relaxing and letting Joey soap him.

Joey continued working his fingers into Lance's flesh, waiting to see if he could elicit an erection. Lance began to breathe harder and Joey began to massage him up and down the round rump.

"Sorry, Joey," Lance said in a voice made even deeper by embarrassment. Joey could see Lance's penis bobbing up against his friend's stomach, the head pulsing.

"Hey, Lance. It's okay! See," he said, taking his own organ in his hand and waggling it at Lance. "I'm hard, too. No big deal. This is supposed to be fun. It's a 'sport,' after all. 'member?"

Lance nodded, looking relieved. "Sure."

Joey extended the bar of soap to Lance. "How 'bout you soap me up?"

Lance reached for the bar and it shot out of his hand, thumped the wall of the shower and fell to the floor. Joey caught his breath as Lance bent over to retrieve it.

Geez--no wonder guys like to play 'drop the soap' with each other, he thought--wanting to slap Lance's white cheek soundly and see the print of his hand there.

"Sorry. I got it," Lance said, coming up with the bar firmly inside his hand. His hair was now streaming water and Joey felt captivated by Lance's sweet expression and so-green eyes.

Lance pressed closer to Joey as he began to rub soap on his friend. Joey could feel the occasional brush of Lance's erection against his body. He couldn't suppress his shivers of pleasure at the feel of Lance's kneading fingers--combined with the knock of 'little Lance' on his legs. Joey's own erection was beginning to turn purple.

Joey pulled back and laughed. "This is never gonna work, guy. We won't be able to piss if we're too excited. You know how that goes."

Lance nodded.

"Maybe we'll have to get started with a little jack off session. Whatta ya think?" Joey studied his friend who nodded and blushed again--his face not nearly as red as it had been earlier.

Joey patted Lance's shoulder. "Great. I'll just take hold of you," he said as he reached a hand out and grasped Lance's penis, "and then you can take hold of me. And you'd better lose the soap for now."

Lance swallowed and shuddered before reaching out his own hand to take Joey's penis into his palm. Joey heard the soap thud to the floor.

Then they were leaning into each other and their ministrations became serious and heated. Joey could hear Lance panting. Then he realized he was panting, as well. Soon he couldn't tell their mutual pants and small moans apart.

"Joey. I think I need to..." Lance didn't finish his statement as he spurted into Joey's hand and across Joey's body, trembling from head to toe.

Joey continued to pump, milking the last of Lance's load. His free hand wrapped around his friend. "That's just great, Lance. Sure. Can't get to the sports 'til we both get off--right?"

Lance continued to shudder, eyes closed. He nodded in reply to Joey's query.

"Hey. Don't forget 'bout me," Joey reminded him. Lance's grip had loosened as he'd climaxed.

Lance opened his eyes and stared down at Joey's erection. He immediately took it up and began to pull carefully--alternately watching his hand masturbate his friend while glancing up at Joey's face.

As Lance licked his lips for possibly the one-hundredth time, Joey finally lost it. With visions of Lance's full soft lips wrapped around his dick, Joey bucked and spurted.

Lance threw both arms around Joey holding him in a tight hug--and Joey was glad for the support. He felt just a tad weak-kneed. "Wow. That was some hand job, Lance. You really know how to do that."

Lance rewarded Joey with a huge smile. It sure didn't take much praise to make the guy happy.

"Well, guess we'd better calm down some if we're gonna have the main event," Joey said, extracting himself from Lance's embrace.

"Okay." Lance's voice reflected disappointment.

Joey reached out and briefly patted Lance's arm. "Don't worry. We can get back to this a little later. Maybe after we shower. Whatta ya say?"

Joey smiled as Lance's face lit up in response. "Yeah. I'd like that," Lance said. Bet you would, Joey thought. So would I.

"Well, I'm gonna cool the water down just a tiny bit. Don't wanna shrivel us more than this," he said with a laugh, "but we don't wanna start gettin' hard again, either."

Lance's head bobbed up and down.

Joey fiddled with the temperature and then they stood side by side by not touching each other as the water fell on them.

"Man, I really do need to piss," Joey said, turning his face to Lance's. "You ready to try this?"

Lance gave an uncertain nod. "Yeah." It didn't sound much like an affirmative answer, but Joey figured it was the best his friend could manage. It would have to do!

"Turn around," Joey instructed. "Put your hands up, spread your legs and lean against the wall." He wanted to make certain Lance wasn't going to take a header and crack his head open on the porcelain.

Lance did as Joey said, spreading his legs and gripping the pebbled floor with curled toes. Joey stood for a moment in admiration of the picture Lance's naked and exposed body made--leg muscles bulging from the effort of his feet. Then he lifted his penis and took aim squarely at Lance's anus.

Joey let fly, his heavy stream of warm urine splashing directly on the rosebud opening into Lance's body. Lance gave a yelp and smacked one palm wetly on the wall. Then his body began to shudder and gooseflesh rose on his skin.

Joey had played this game before. He wasn't exactly Olympic material, but he was an accomplished amateur. Joey grinned and finished--then grabbed up the soap bar from the floor and lathered it over Lance's lower back, buttocks and upper legs.

"How was that?" he asked Lance, wondering what his friend would say.

"Wow. It felt pretty good, Joey. I didn't know it would." Lance turned to face him and Joey noted that his friend's erection was beginning to stir once more.

"Yeah, well, why'd you think I wanted to do it, Lance?"

Lance screwed up his face in momentary thought. "Gosh. I hadn't *thought* about that, I guess, Joey. Because it's good?"

Joey laughed. "Yeah, Lance," he answered, ruffling Lance's wet hair. "Because it's good."

Joey stood grinning at his friend, water dripping from his hair and beard. Lance was smiling, too, as he took the bar of soap away from Joey and put a hand on Joey's shoulder. He gave Joey a small push.

"I think I can do it now," Lance said.

Joey wanted to laugh loudly. Lance sounded pretty pleased with himself. "Okay, dude. I'm up for it."

Joey realized Lance was waiting for him to assume the same position he'd placed Lance in, so he gripped the wall and spread his legs. He jumped at the feel of the hot stream directed to the sensitive folds of his anal muscle. It did feel damn good. Better even than he'd remembered.

When Lance had finished Joey felt the pressure of the soap bar rubbing directly against his hole. Lance was working the soap into the very center of his anus and Joey felt as if his friend were going to fuck him with the lathery rectangle. He'd better be careful, Joey thought, or he'll lose that thing inside me.

Joey remained against the wall, letting Lance massage him with the slippery bar. The change from the hot urine to the foamy hard mass was incredible. Joey could feel his erection pushing against the wet tiles.

"Hey, Lance?"

"Yeah," Lance answered his warm breath on Joey's neck.

"It might be time to take this out of the showers and on to a new playing field."

Lance stopped and let Joey turn around. Lance's expression was hungry but controlled. "Okay, Joey. What do you wanna do?"

"Let's dry off and talk it over. I think we can come up with some other interesting sports to experiment with."

Lance nodded as Joey turned off the water and exited the shower. They grabbed up towels and began to rub each other, both laughing.

"Hey, Joey. I didn't even know I liked water sports."

Joey smiled at him. "Well, you never know 'til you try."

-the end-

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