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Title: "Vampire Moon"--Part Four (4/WIP)
Author: Nikky (Also known as Nik and NK.)
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Pairing: Nick Carter/Kevin Richardson (as a vampire)
Fandom: RPS -- boy band (BSB)
Date: December 6, 2001
Disclaimer: I understand Real People Slash offends many people. I'm sorry if you are one of them, as I don't mean offense to anyone. These people are real and have lives I know nothing about. But this is fiction--and in here these folks are characters in a story--so this is meant to be enjoyed only as fiction. I admire the BSB and their families, friends and fans. I earn no profit from this fiction.
Category: RPS (Real People Slash)--m/m (yes, same gender love/sex is included in this fanfic).
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Warnings: Slash isn't for everyone. If you're offended by same gender involvements please don't read this. Thanks! If you're not into 'vampire' tales (this is sort of AU), then this isn't a story for you.
Summary: Nick visits Key West and meets a vampire.
Beta: None
Dedication: To KevinR--you're a super friend.


When Kevin had finished his moon bath and was dressed, the two of them turned together back toward the center of Old Town. Nick could feel that Kevin was still distorting things. He wondered if this was some manipulation of time or space--which was a pretty eerie thought--or if it was simply the way Nick was perceiving what was happening.

Well, it didn't matter. Nick had decided the best thing to do was simply 'go with the flow'--and place his trust in his friend. Nick decided he'd just have to learn to get used to things like this strange distortion.

Kevin and Nick met up with their three friends as the men were leaving the end of the "Ghost Tour," heading back toward Elizabeth Street. Because of Kevin's 'tricks,' it was a simple matter for Nick and Kevin to move up behind where their friends were walking and slip into the group without being noticed.

The conversation never lagged for a second--it was clear Kevin and Nick had not been missed.

"I think ghosts that are still children are the scariest and saddest thing," Brian was saying. "Don't you, Nick?"

"Yep," Nick said, figuring it was no trouble to agree with Brian. He had no idea exactly what Brian was referring to, but it didn't really matter.

"Not me," A.J. said, shaking his head. "I think it's those ghosts that had violent deaths. I sure don't wanna meet up with one of them." He gave a highly exaggerated shudder and they all laughed.

"What do you think, Kevin?" Howie asked softly, turning his head in Kevin's direction.

Kevin gave a small smile. "Death is just a different plane of existence. We're all headed there sooner or later. As they say, none of us will get out of this world alive."

Howie's eyebrows shot up and his expressive brown eyes widened. "That's sort of a creepy thought, considering that tour."

Kevin offered Howie a small laugh. "Well, I just wonder why only some people end up as ghosts, while most people move on somewhere else. Why are the spirits of some so tied to this world? It's kind of sad, I guess." Kevin's voice sounded rather sad, and Nick suddenly wished he could give Kevin hug.

"I don't know as I really believe in ghosts," Brian said, yawning hugely. "I don't know how that fits in with being saved and all. But it sure was fun. I guess it's time to hit the hay, though."

Howie gave a quick nod of agreement. "This has been a blast. Sorry we have to leave."

Brian turned to his cousin. "We taking off first thing in the morning, Kev?"

Kevin stopped walking, and they all halted around him, waiting. "I thought maybe we'd sleep in," he said, smiling. "What the hell. Then a relaxed brunch before we hit the road. Now how does that sound?"

Nick nodded, and noticed the others were doing the same. Nick glanced at Kevin and saw a sly grin directed straight at him. He's trying to tell me something, Nick decided, unsure of what that something was.

"Well, I'm for bed," Kevin said, and turned away from the others. The guys began to move quietly inside Garden House, each heading toward their individual rooms.

Nick watched them go then followed after Kevin. As he reached Kevin's room, he wasn't at all surprised to find the door hanging open--and Kevin just inside beckoning to him to enter.

Nick moved past Kevin into the room. Kevin shut the door softly behind them.

"Did you understand what just happened?" Kevin asked him as he turned away from Nick and started to disrobe.

"No. Explain it."

Suddenly Nick wanted to know everything. He was terribly curious again. Nick stared in Kevin's direction while he slipped off his own sandals and started to remove his clothing.

Kevin laughed and the sound was warm and sweet to Nick's ears. "I can 'influence' people, Nicky. Use my mind to make people go along. When I've fed several times in a row and am rested, I can even influence very large groups of people. Make them... I'm not sure what words can best explain it."

Nick looked into Kevin's face. "Is it like hypnotizing them?"

Nick suddenly had strong images of the old black and white Bela Lugosi "Dracula" movie. The scenes where the camera had pulled in tight on Lugosi's interesting and staring eyes as an indication of his hypnotic power over his victims.

Kevin considered. "Not exactly. Well, maybe. But not in the way you mean. That's probably where that particular legend started, anyway. Me, I think of it as 'bending' a person's mind. I don't 'break' anything--just make a person go along. It's like nudging someone a bit, I guess. You saw how everyone agreed with me--you included?" There was just the slightest lilt of humor in Kevin's words.

Nick nodded. "Well, yeah. But we don't always agree with you, Kevin. And sometimes that really burns you."

Kevin laughed again. "Well, I guess you'd get mighty suspicious if I won every argument and decision the group ever made--now wouldn't you? Besides," he continued, finally down to his boxers, "I can't do it all the time. I need strength. And sometimes I'm not able to feed enough. So I'm weaker. I have to decide how best to expend my energies."

Nick continued to undress, carelessly tossing his clothing aside.

Then both men moved into the bathroom and stood side by side preparing for bed. This was nothing new or extraordinary. All of the guys had shared rooms together now and then right from the start of the group. But tonight Nick felt a certain awareness of Kevin that he didn't recall having ever felt before. It was very compelling. He glanced several times at Kevin's reflection in the large wrap-around mirror. Their respective images seemed as normal as could be, in spite of the fact that vampires shouldn't cast a reflection--if you went by the legends Nick had heard in the past.

Nick glanced over at Kevin as he brushed his own teeth with Kevin's toothbrush. Kevin was combing out his hair, and a small scattering of sand fell on the counter. Nick found himself thinking how handsome Kevin looked as he stood preparing for bed--entirely oblivious to Nick's admiration.

Nick realized the main thing that had changed here were his own perceptions. After all, he was in love with Kevin now. And love had a way of making things look different.

Finally they both padded barefooted back into the bedroom. Kevin sat on the edge of the bed, glancing up at Nick.

"Well," Nick said, picking up the thread of their conversation, "I think it's pretty cool. Being able to influence others, I mean."

"It surely helped our careers," Kevin said in an offhand manner, glancing toward the window.

Nick moved swiftly to Kevin's side. "What?" The mattress depressed as he sat down next to Kevin and stared into the shining green eyes. "How?" He was now far more than a little curious--he was absolutely intrigued.

Kevin slipped away from Nick and stretched out on the bed, putting his hands behind his head as he leaned into the pillow. "How do you think?" he answered casually.

"I don't... know." Nick had an idea, but he preferred to let Kevin explain.

"I can 'bend' large audiences when I'm strong enough. Maybe not every person, but enough of them. And young minds are the easiest. Haven't you ever wondered why we have so many younger fans, Nick?"

Actually, Nick had wondered once or twice. But when they'd started out, Nick had been young himself--so it had made a certain kind of sense to him then. And now if he even gave it a thought, it just seemed tied to the music in some way. As if older people just didn't care for the pop sound...

Kevin laughed. "I know, Nick. I understand exactly what you mean. But look around at our concerts--some of those people are older, after all. And I don't influence all of the fans. That would be impossible."

He stretched and yawned before continuing. "But I can sure get a good start if you give me a TV appearance or put me on stage. And if I'm really involved in the performance--truly dedicated--it works even better. So that's part of the reason I try to rehearse so hard and so seriously. The better I do personally on stage, the easier it is to bring them around. Of course," he added, voice softer, "I hardly ever have to do it now."

Nick felt gooseflesh rising on his arms as he leaned toward his friend. "You just read my mind, Kevin. Didn't you?"

Kevin's smile faded. "Yeah, well not exactly. I don't read your thoughts word for word or anything like that." Nick could see that Kevin was upset--he could hear a slight tremble in Kevin's words. "I just get a 'sense' of what you're thinking, Nick. I wasn't trying to take advantage or anything. To pry into your personal thoughts, I mean. Sometimes it just happens without my thinking about it."

It was plain how unhappy Kevin was about sharing this newest revelation. It was apparently a sore subject. Nick rushed in with a quick burst of reassurance. "Hey, it's okay. I wasn't mad Kevin. I just... I hadn't said anything--and yet you were answering me."

Kevin sighed and closed his eyes before answering. "Usually I'd have to really concentrate hard on a person--and even then it doesn't always work. I find it works best with people I'm especially close to. Like Brian. And now... well now you, Nick."

Suddenly Kevin's cheeks were flaming and Nick realized that he was blushing. Nick was touched. Kevin wasn't a man who was easily embarrassed.

He reached an arm around Kevin's neck and scooted closer to him on the bed. And then Kevin seemed to somehow swoop over him and they were kissing; Nick could feel a bubble of pure joy rising up inside his chest. He was breathless and giddy and very, very excited. It was wonderful.

The lights in the room seemed to dim by themselves. Kevin's eyes seemed to catch the small amount of light that remained, glowing greener than ever. His thin lips seemed a deeper red than normal--flushed with blood, Nick decided. The dark thick brows stood out against Kevin's pale skin, as Nick stared up into his friend's hovering face.

"I'm not making you go along," Kevin whispered, pressing his lips to one of Nick's temples.

Nick giggled. "I know that Kev," he said softly. "I want to. Really."

"I could have helped this along any time I wanted," Kevin continued, his hands tracing gently over Nick's skin.

Nick didn't answer. He just reached out both hands and took Kevin's head firmly between them. He pulled Kevin's face down and they kissed deeply. Nick opened his mouth and felt Kevin invade it with his long pointed tongue. It was heaven. With maybe a touch of hell. There was fire burning somewhere, for sure. Nick felt hotter than ever before in his life.

Kevin pulled away and was fumbling with something. Nick heard a ripping sound. It had to be a condom package. He glanced and finally made out the small silver square between Kevin's fingers.

He was still as he watched Kevin slip the condom into place. Nick could see a pulsing vein on the side of Kevin's large penis through the slightly transparent sheath. Nick had a strange thought. Had Kevin ever fed there? Taken blood from a similar vein on some man?

Nick tried to school his thoughts as he suddenly recalled Kevin did have the ability to read them--even if he didn't quite 'hear' every word. Nick wasn't sure this was a thought Kevin would be pleased with.

Nick knew what was coming. Kevin's erection was bobbing--swinging free and full as it jutted slightly to the right. It was big, but not too thick. Nick was pretty confident he could manage it--if Kevin was patient enough.

As Kevin's hand and voice guided Nick to spread his legs and bend his knees, Nick wondered at his own anxiousness. Maybe it wouldn't be a question of Kevin's patience at all. Maybe it would be whether or not Nick could manage to hold back--and not thrust his large body directly toward this fleshy battering-ram.

Nick reached out and grabbed his own legs behind each knee, holding them up and out of the way. He wanted to make Kevin's penetration as simple as possible. He wanted to be strong enough to deal with the pain--the inevitable sense of violation he knew must be coming--as he relinquished his body to his lover.

"Look at me, Nick," Kevin said in soft--yet powerful--whisper. The huskiness of Kevin's deep voice made his own arousal clear to Nick, who immediately gazed avidly into Kevin's face.

"This is going to feel just fine, Nick. I promise. No pain. No pain at all."

And then Kevin's fingers were stroking him. Penis first--and then Nick's balls. A long gentle finger caressed and probed, and Nick felt an odd pressure and then a flood of pure lust as he was impaled.

"Good, Nick. Tell me," Kevin said in an insistent tone.

"It feels... um... lovely." It was the first word that popped into Nick's head. His own voice sounded slightly fuzzy to him. Nick closed his eyes and concentrated on the sensation. It was lovely. So lovely!

Then the pressure withdrew. Nick groaned, sorry to feel the finger extracted. But soon there was a new feeling there. Flesh pressing through the tight spincter muscle. Kevin had obviously slathered his erection with something, for Nick could feel liquid oozing down to the skin below his rectal opening.

Then there was a brief flash of red and Nick tensed.

"Relax," Kevin's voice said, "this is me, loving you."

Nick relaxed and the feeling was different. Better. So warm and exciting.

"Nick, open yourself to me. Be mine."

And then it was so. Nick belonged to Kevin--body and soul. He cried out. "Ah, oh Kevin!"

The friction was an amazing sensation. The thrusts were strong, but carefully timed. Nick opened his eyes and stared up into Kevin's face. He marveled at the sight of the taut muscles in Kevin's neck and face.

Kevin was beautiful. He'd always been beautiful, of course. But now he wasn't just beautiful. Kevin was this wonderful beauty who belonged to Nick.

Nerves sang and blood pounded in Nick's body. He began a low keening, biting his lip to stifle the sound. He knew Kevin wouldn't want any of their friends to hear them--to discover them like this.

"Good, baby. Good darlin'," Kevin crooned as he continued to thrust inside.

Then a switch seemed to flip and the world--Nick's world--exploded. There was such total pleasure Nick couldn't find words to express how he felt. He heard a drawn out 'ah' coming from somewhere.

Suddenly Nick realized it was his own voice he was hearing. He let go of his legs and let them go akimbo as he reached out both hands to hold on to Kevin's straining arms.

Kevin was still pumping into Nick. Nick could hear Kevin's ragged breathing. Then he felt Kevin thrust forward hard. Nick could feel Kevin's body go stiff. It was over then, and Kevin was lying softly against Nick's heaving, sweaty chest.

After a few brief moments (an eternity?), Kevin withdrew his body--withdrew his penis--from Nick's embracing body. Nick collapsed into softness--soft mattress, soft muscles, soft drooling mouth.

Nick tried to gaze at Kevin, his eyes tiny cat slits. "Where are you?" he asked, wanting to feel Kevin against him.

"Here," Kevin's voice said. It seemed to be a sound floating around him--not coming from where Nick could trace the word back to a source.

And then Kevin's lanky body was pressing against Nick's side, and he somehow managed to force himself to shift his body inward toward his lover.

They were under the sheet somehow. Somehow they were entwined together. It didn't matter how. It didn't matter that Kevin had certain powers Nick was still to discover--and others he had barely begun to know and comprehend.

Yeah, Nick was in love with a vampire. But that vampire was no stranger. That vampire was Kevin Richardson--the man Nick had known since the tender age of twelve. And Kevin was still just a man in many ways, after all.

Yet, Nick couldn't help but wonder what would happen next. He tried to imagine their future together as he drifted off to sleep.

-the end part four-

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