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Title: "Vampire Fancy"--Part One (1/WIP)
Author: Czar Nikky (Also known as Nik and NK.)
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Pairing: Legolas/Aragorn, Haldir/(many) LOL!
Fandom: LOTR
Date: October 29, 2004
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the guys from LOTR, including (but not limited to) Legolas, Aragorn and Haldir. (darn) I have no book rights. (darn) I have no movie rights (darn). I make no money (darn). Heck, folks, it's just for fun! No offense intended! LOL.
Category: Slash, AR/AU (Alternate Reality/Alternate Universe).
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Warnings: Slash isn't for everyone. If you're offended by same-gender involvements please don't read this. Thanks! If you're not into 'vampire' tales, then this isn't a story for you.
Summary: Legolas can't sleep, so he goes to the library of Gondor and encounters a vampire!
Beta: FatJoey--thanks!
Dedication: PJ Grey! Happy 13th birthday, guy!


Legolas found himself unable to sleep, though he'd worked hard during the long day and was physically exhausted well before bedtime. Earlier that evening he'd even been nodding by the fire as he sat with his friend Gimli. Finally he'd excused himself and headed to his room, quickly preparing to retire. He'd climbed into bed and made a pleasant nest of blankets, yawning widely as he snuggled down for the night...

But in spite of being tired, Legolas simply couldn't sleep. He tried every possible mental exercise he knew. He'd tried relaxation techniques he'd been employing since his days as an elfling. But nothing worked.

He threw back the covers and rose, sighing. There was clearly no point in lying here miserable, continuing to brood over his sleeplessness. He might as well take a walk, or perhaps go and read a book. Reading was a favorite pastime and he often liked to find a private place to sit and indulge himself.

Legolas moved quietly through the dimly lit hall, uncertain of his final destination. There were a few guards posted here and there, but otherwise there wasn't a soul to be seen. Legolas glided past a large clock and glanced over at the cream-colored face; it was just past midnight. Legolas could see the crescent moon glowing a bright, eerie yellow against the black, star-speckled sky as he passed by several windows along his way.

It was no surprise when he ended up in the large library. He crept easily past the nodding guard, glad not to have need to speak. There was really little call for a sentry here; watching over the library was more about appearances than necessity--the King liked reminding the people of Gondor about the importance of the knowledge contained inside the large doors. The guard was there to smile and greet those who came--and to tend to whatever small maintenance was necessary while the librarian was away or sleeping...

"Greetings," a familiar voice whispered as Legolas moved toward the center of the room.

Legolas nearly started with surprise, though he just barely managed to restrain a physical response. Even his sensitive ears hadn't discerned another person prior to the word he'd heard!

He turned toward the sound and bowed his head. "Greetings," he replied, trying to ascertain who had spoken.

The high-ceiling of the room was lost in shadow; row after row of tall, wooden bookcases stood half-hidden in the gloom. The space seemed darker than usual to Legolas, who often came late at night to sit and read. He glanced around and realized that only a few of the torches were lit. Normally the guard on duty would be responsible for making certain of the light, should any in the citadel chose to come for research--or recreation--at odd hours...

The person standing in front of Legolas was dressed in a black cape and hood that entirely covered his body and obscured his face. Even with his superior sight, Legolas could not make out the features that were hidden by the shadow of the large hood.

"You have come to read?" the voice continued. There was a strange sibilance to these harmless words that made the hair on the back of Legolas' neck stand up.

"I thought to. But if my presence disturbs you, I'll gladly come another time." Legolas couldn't make reason of his feelings, yet he knew he'd be glad to depart. Something wasn't right here; Legolas felt an unnatural chill in the air.

"I'm glad of the company," the voice said. "Will you sit with me?"

It was then that Legolas suddenly realized the words were Sindarin! This was clearly an elf who was speaking to him. It was strange that he hadn't immediately noticed...

"Surely," he replied, fighting down his foolish desire to flee. "I will sit with you." He was unable to completely disguise his lack of enthusiasm, but did manage to force a smile.

The stranger gestured gracefully toward two tall chairs that stood before a large table. The light there was poor, but Legolas followed; he had no desire to be rude, even if he did feel dismay at the thought of being so close to this strange elf.

After they had both seated themselves, the other elf carefully reached up a pale hand and shifted his hood, pushing it back from his face. Legolas stared in disbelief as he saw the familiar features of Haldir--Marchwarden of the Golden Wood--revealed to view.

"Haldir!" he cried, leaping to his feet in surprise. His chair fell with a loud clatter to the floor. "Forgive me, but I didn't know you! How can you be here? Aragorn himself told me of your death at Helm's Deep."

Haldir tilted his head in acquiescence and offered Legolas a small smile.

"This is so," he replied. "I did die. But you know that some elves have returned from the Houses of the Dead, do you not?"

Legolas turned his head briefly toward the doorway. He was surprised the noise of his falling chair hadn't drawn the sentry inside to check for the source of the disturbance. He stood and pondered Haldir's words. He had heard of this reincarnation, certainly. But had he actually ever known of an elf who had come back after dying? Legolas forced himself to offer a small nod as he continued to stare into Haldir's eyes. These seemed different and strange; it was like looking into small silver orbs that had only the slightest trace of darker pupils. Legolas suppressed a shudder of distaste. He was disturbed by his lack of elvish control--normally it would be no problem for him to entirely hide his response to another.

"I am glad to be back here in the White City," Haldir continued in his soft, whispering voice. "I have missed you--and Aragorn, as well. I have missed my bothers and all my friends. I have great need to be with you."

There was something ominous hidden in Haldir's mundane words. Legolas forced himself to tear his glance away from Haldir's eyes. He looked out the nearby window and was surprised to see the moon and stars almost entirely obscured by clouds. Why, it had been clear only minutes before! He heard an eerie cry carrying on the night breeze--it sounded like the call of a wolf.

"You have missed me?" Haldir asked, rising to stand beside Legolas.

Legolas took one involuntary step backward. "No. I mean, yes, of course. Of course, I've missed you. It was a terrible blow when you fell." He couldn't bring himself to use the word 'died.' He avoided Haldir's intense gaze while he examined the elf's features. Haldir's skin had an even greater luminance than was normal for an elf and his pale, blond hair seemed to have an inner radiance that made it resemble the moon's glow Legolas had earlier noted...

Haldir opened his arms wide. "Then embrace me, dear friend," he said. "I am so cold. Surely your strong arms will warm me."

Legolas stood rooted in place as Haldir stepped closer; their eyes locked and Legolas cocked his head and licked his lips.

Haldir, too, was licking his lips as he leaned in toward Legolas. These lips seemed more full and voluptuous than Legolas recalled; Haldir's white teeth stood out in stark relief against his thick, wide, smiling mouth.

They hugged; Legolas pressed himself tightly against Haldir, shivering as they embraced. He felt Haldir's face pushing insistently against his exposed neck and lips worked against his jugular. Then there was a tiny prick of pain that turned immediately to pleasure. Legolas couldn't stop himself from moaning loudly. He could feel himself growing uncomfortably stiff inside his pants as Haldir kissed him.

"Oh! Oh, Haldir!" he cried, grasping Haldir's back through the heavy cloth of his cloak.

Haldir pulled back--it was just enough to break the contact of his lips; Legolas groaned in disappointment. His fingers clawed anxiously at Haldir's shoulders in an effort to bring the elf's mouth forward again.

"Enough, my sweet one," Haldir said. Was there a trace of jubilance in these few words? "You will tire of me too quickly if we do not take care."

"Never!" Legolas declared, his voice firm.

Haldir laughed. It was a strange sound, like wind chimes made of glass being jarred by sudden small blasts of air. Legolas shuddered.

"Come, walk with me," Haldir instructed, taking Legolas' hand in his. He guided Legolas to a wall and then pushed some hidden spot that made a formerly invisible door swing wide. Haldir walked through this cobweb-covered archway and pulled Legolas to follow him, closing the opening tightly behind them. Legolas lifted a hand to brush away the sticky mass that had caught on his face as he entered. Why hadn't Haldir's passing removed the web?

"Where are we going?" Legolas asked.

"I would bed with you, beautiful one," Haldir replied.

Legolas smiled. He felt giddy and couldn't suppress a pleased chuckle. "I'm glad," he whispered, pressing his face to Haldir's. He was rewarded with a dry, yet insistent, kiss.

"Patience," Haldir said, his voice silky. He pulled away and continued to lead Legolas. "We'll soon be able to take care of this great need you feel."

Legolas nodded, though he felt anxious. When would they finally be able to embrace again? Why didn't Haldir want to kiss him this instant?

The hallway they walked was narrow and dark, but Haldir took no misstep; nor did he falter as they passed several tunnel-like halls that intersected the one they traversed. Yet even sharp-eyed Legolas was having trouble seeing in this dusty blackness...

Finally they came to a blank wall. Haldir pressed against it and it clicked open, revealing a room brightly lit by a multitude of candles. At Haldir's gesture, Legolas quickly entered.

Legolas didn't recall moving to the bed and lying across it. He had no memory of removing his clothing to expose his nakedness to Haldir; nor did he remember when Haldir took off his own and came to lie exposed beside him! Haldir's body seemed to glow...

The room was spinning as Legolas again embraced Haldir and used both hands to press the elf's head against him, sighing loudly.

He had no cares, no worries. There was only this moment in time and his new lover--his lover who was extraordinary and beautiful! All his previous discomforts in the presence of Haldir had melted away with the touch of the elf's body against his own...

But somewhere in the back of his mind he could 'feel' the king calling for him; somewhere in the citadel, Aragorn was walking the dark night in search for him. He knew this was so, and he longed to comfort his friend--longed to give him ease. But this nagging was only a vague whisper of thought fighting the press of vivid lust that pulsed through him...

-the end of part one-

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