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Title: "This House is Cursed" 3/3 (Finished!)
Chapter Three: "Ending the Curse"
Author: Czar Nikky (Nik, Nikky, NK)
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Pairing: Nick Carter/Howie Dorough
Fandom: RPS--boy band (BSB)
Date: January 23, 2002
Disclaimer: I understand Real People Slash offends many people. I'm sorry if you are one of them, as I don't mean offense to anyone. These people are real and have lives I know nothing about. But this is fiction--and in here these folks are characters in a story--so this is meant to be enjoyed only as fiction. I admire the BSB and their families, friends and fans. I earn no profit from this fiction.
Category: RPS (Real People Slash)--m/m (yes, same gender love/sex).
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Series: Yeah... (Finally completed with part three-this part!)
Warnings: Slash isn't for everyone. If you're offended by same-gender involvements please don't read this. Thanks! Kind of mildly scary (!) in places. Graphic (but still romantic) sex in this part.
Summary: Nick has agreed to visit a haunted (and cursed) house, where he is joined by Howie D.
Note: In honor of Nick Carter's bday--he turns 22 on January 28 (and so do I!).
Beta: Mistress Marilyn and CharlieMC--both kickass writers! (And great at editing!) Thanks so much for your input and the use of your laptop in Las Vegas...


Nick turned away from Howie and moved toward the fireplace. He noticed something from the corner of his eye. The draperies were slightly parted and he could see a shaft of light entering from behind them.

Nick moved toward the window concealed behind the heavy cloth. Peering out through a small spot of the dust-caked window, he made out the moon glowing brightly in the night sky. Obviously he'd seen the light of the moon entering the room.

In the distance he could see a small grove of trees. Willows! The largest tree appeared to be twisted and dying. While there were still many green and yellow leaves hanging on some of the branches of the surrounding trees, this tree had not one leaf.

Under the tree there was a large headstone, topped by an angel. This was apparently where Nicholas was buried!

"Howie, take a look at this," Nick called, reaching out a hand toward Howie and beckoning his friend. Nick unlatched the window and found it swung open quite easily. The chill night air felt good somehow. Fresh and clean.

Howie joined him and they both looked in the direction of the grove.

"It's his grave, isn't it?" Howie asked.

Nick nodded. "Yeah, I think so. Look at the tree it's under--it's all creepy and dead. Man."

A vision flashed into Nick's head--a vision of the mother sitting at a desk and putting quill to paper. She was writing and her fingers seemed to be twitching with the effort. Suddenly Nick knew exactly what she was doing; she was penning the curse that would seal the fate of the home she had once loved! He shivered.

"Very spooky," Howie added, reaching to take Nick's hand in his and squeezing it tightly before letting go. Nick felt comforted--in fact, he felt more than comforted...

"Howie, I know it's crazy, but I'd really like to go to bed with you."

Nick turned and looked directly into Howie's round brown eyes. They were full of warmth. Howie was nodding and smiling. Nick couldn't help smiling back.

"I think that would be nice, Nicky," Howie breathed.

"Are you sure? Even in this creepy place?"

"Anywhere at all, Nick. I just want to be with you."

Howie walked to the large bed and sat on one side. He looked down at his hands, folded in his lap. Then he glanced up winningly through his thick lashes at Nick.

Nick moved toward him, never taking his eyes from Howie's sweet face. He could feel excitement building inside him with each step he took.

When he reached Howie's side, Nick moved quickly to sit and wrap Howie in his large arms.

"Oh, Nicky," Howie whispered. They began to kiss. Nick felt confident. He'd once overheard Howie describing him as a 'good kisser'--so he knew Howie was pleased by this particular skill (in spite of Nick's general inexperience with men).

Nick could feel his body flushing. But he knew it was important for him to remain somewhat calm. He didn't want to rush this--didn't want it to turn into a mere moment of passion, minus the desirable element of romance.

They fell back on the soft mattress and rolled, still kissing. Then they began to grope and neck. It was as sweet and delicious as it had been each time during the past year. But there was promise now--the knowledge they wouldn't stop this time with petting and necking.

Nick felt as if he could hear music in the room. His head was spinning. Somehow they were both quickly out of their clothes and under the blankets and quilt.

Their naked bodies pushed together under the crisp sheet and Nick could feel heat radiating from Howie's muscular form. He could feel sweat popping out on his own back and shoulders.

"Nicky, Nicky. This is so fantastic. Oh, Nicky," Howie breathed, his fingers digging into Nick's shoulders.

"Mmm, Howie," Nick answered, nuzzling Howie's neck. Howie's skin had the tantalizing combined scent of his spicy cologne and his own male musk. Nick inhaled deeply and breathed Howie in.

Howie was shifting his body, sliding his pelvis seductively against Nick's leg. Nick could feel the bulge of Howie's quad muscle working against him. There was a just a trace of perspiration making their two legs slide provocatively against each other.

"Nick, I've wanted this for so long. I was beginning to think you'd never feel like going this far." Howie's voice was thick with passion.

"Gosh, I feel like an idiot, D. I had no idea! I just thought you were really cool with things the way they were. You know?"

Howie giggled and Nick joined in. Howie's laughter always seemed so contagious to Nick. It was truly warm and natural.

"I guess I was waiting for you to be more aggressive, Nicky. Most men I'm with tend to be... um... pretty dominant."

Nick considered. Howie had such a masculine quality. It had never occurred to Nick that Howie might expect him to take the upper hand.

"I just always figured *you'd* let *me* know when you were ready for... well... more, Howie. Seriously."

"I guess I *do* tend to be pretty pushy with you, Nicky," Howie said, nuzzling Nick's ear and laughing.

Nick loved it when Howie paid attention to his ears during love-play. There was nothing quite as exciting as when Howie nibbled on his ear lobes or delicately titillated his ear canal with a pointed damp tongue.

Nick couldn't keep himself from writhing under the sweet assault. Howie giggled into his ear and Nick could feel gooseflesh standing out on the skin of his arms and neck.

Nick reached out his hands and grasped the back of Howie's head. He pulled Howie's face to his and began to kiss his mouth firmly, slipping his tongue past the full lips.

Howie seemed to melt in Nick's embrace. Nick was impressed with Howie's willing submission; it made his erection jump to full attention. Nick hadn't realized how erotic it could be to receive another man's sweet surrender.

"Baby," Howie gasped. Nick could feel Howie's 'perfectly' shaped penis pressing against him. In his mind's eye, he could picture the size and shape--and the warm coppery color of Howie's swollen organ (only enhanced by his purplish-red erection).

Nick realized he'd closed his eyes to better envision Howie's dick. He opened them and saw flickering shadows doing a friendly dance on the nearby wall. He could hear the crackling fire burning merrily away and could smell the pleasant wood-fire smell mingling with the mouth-watering scent of the spicy wine still mulling in the pot that hung just outside the bouncing flames.

Nick felt as if all his senses were enhanced. Smells were stronger--more delightful and delicious. The room seemed to 'sparkle' with an almost mystical glow from the flickering firelight--the colors of everything that surrounded Nick appeared brighter and sharper than usual.

His sense of touch, too, seemed more sensitized and vibrant.

Was being with Howie this incredible and special--or was there something extraordinary about being together here in this strange house? Nick had a feeling he and Howie could make 'magic' wherever they shared such intimacy--but there was certainly something wonderful about this moment in time...

Howie moved away and slipped from the bed. Nick groaned in frustration.

"Howie! Where are you going?"

"I think we need a condom, Nicky," Howie replied from out of Nick's line of vision. "I have one in my pocket. You know," Howie added, giggling. "Just in case."

Nick was so relieved he, too, giggled. "Yeah. Like you always told me. 'Carry one just in case.'"

Nick heard the familiar ripping of the small metallic envelope.

"Well, you *should*, Nick," Howie responded, crawling back under the blankets. Howie quickly moved close against him. Nick watched as Howie's head dipped below the covers. Then he felt gentle fingers slipping the condom on his own erection. He felt his dick give a jump of excitement.

"I really want it, Nicky," Howie breathed as his head reappeared and he crushed his full lips against Nick's mouth. They kissed deeply. Nick's fingers were digging hard into Howie's muscular arms.

Howie finally broke the kiss and shifted around until his back was facing Nick. Nick felt Howie's butt pushed insistently into the curve of his body. "Now Nick," Howie said, wiggling provocatively.

"I want it, too," Nick growled, reaching down to guide himself against Howie's anus. His fingers could feel dampness there and he realized they'd manage just fine without lubricant--if he could succeed in going slowly enough with his penetration.

"You can take it?" he asked, wanting to be sure Howie was in agreement.

Howie laughed. "I know you're big, Nick. But I do have some experience with men, you know. Just let me provide the initial rhythm--okay?"

"Yeah, yeah," Nick answered his voice husky with desire.

Nick held himself ready and waited patiently as Howie pushed back, beginning to slowly impale himself. The first pressure was almost excruciatingly tight on the head of Nick's dick. He groaned loudly and forced himself to stay still as he let go his grip.

Howie began a familiar hip-grinding motion that almost made Nick laugh. It was as if Howie was doing his lovely little salsa dance right here in bed--in the crook of Nick's large body.

The pressure increased and Nick groaned again. He was beginning to fear he'd be unable to stand it--be unable to keep from thrusting forward. Just as the pressure seemed too much, Howie pressed firmly back and Nick felt his dick move past the taut ring of muscle and inside the perfect folds of Howie's rectum. It was marvelous.

"God, Howie. It's perfect." Nick was surprised by the sound of his own voice--it seemed so deep and sexy.

"Mmm. Yeah. Perfect," Howie answered, beginning to pump his butt back and forth.

Nick was caught up by the steady motion. He felt himself begin to thrust gently to and fro, savoring the sensations of the tight envelope of Howie's body enfolding his dick.

They were one. They were working in tandem as if dancing together on the stage of love. Nick could hear music pounding inside his head. For some reason the strains of "Larger Than Life" were slipping through his mind and directing his movements. One thing was certain--he'd never feel the same way when they performed to that particular song again!

Their lovemaking continued and it was as if this experience was both frozen in one moment of time--while still being a fast blur of sensations and emotions. Time was taffy--stretched completely out of shape. Nick and Howie could have been together like this for only minutes--or perhaps they had been joined like this for years of bliss...

There was a sudden change in the room. Nick lifted his eyes and noted blurring colors on the wall. Then a large bearded man stood watching, his dark eyes hooded. Nick was too wrapped up in Howie to allow himself to become startled or upset.

Nick again closed his eyes and continued to focus himself on Howie. He opened them once more as a gentle warmth swept over him. He saw the stately mother ghost now standing beside the large man. At her side was Hal--grinning his familiar grin and looking directly into Nick's eyes.

Suddenly the young woman ghost also entered the room. She moved to the side of the ghost father and extended her hand--he took it between both of his.

Nick could see there was some non-verbal communication, but he was too excited to pay attention. He closed his eyes and thrust forward, feeling himself close to an orgasm.

Howie was softly calling his name--over and over again. Nick knew Howie was finally over the top--Nick strained to hold back his own explosion. He wanted to know Howie had finished before he allowed himself to reach his peak.

The room seemed brighter--glowing. Nick could sense this even with his eyes closed. He thrust in one last time and felt his climax overtaking him. Stars began to dance on the inside of his eyelids. Sparks seemed to be coursing through his body like some delightful electric charge.

When it was over, Nick held the condom tightly while gently pulling free. Howie rolled around to face him. Nick cradled Howie in the circle of his big arms and they snuggled their faces together. Nick freed the condom from his flaccid penis and extended his fingers outside the blankets to let it fall to the floor. He'd worry about cleaning up later...

"That was perfect, Nicky," Howie whispered. "I love you."

"I love you, too, Howie," Nick replied, pulling his friend closer to his heaving chest. He drew in a large breath and let it out in sigh. Howie, too, sighed deeply. They both relaxed inside the comfortable embrace of each others arms.

Then Nick remembered. He glanced over at the wall and saw the ghosts there, silently watching. The young woman was still standing beside the older man ghost, her hand clasped between his. Nick could 'feel' them conversing. The anger had left the man's face. He nodded his head in response to whatever she'd told him, and Deborah bowed her own for a moment before turning to go. She waved gaily at Nick before doing so and he smiled at her to try to let her know all was well.

The young ghost seemed to be walking up a stairway of cloudy smoke. She disappeared as she reached the ceiling of the room.

Then the mother ghost turned and embraced first her son and then her husband. She drew close to Nick and he could feel the warmth when she bent to kiss his forehead. She, too, seemed to ascend a near-invisible staircase, disappearing as she reached the top of the room.

The man was weeping--Nick could clearly see his tears coursing down his cheeks. He came close and Nick could feel the anger had not only left his face--it had disappeared entirely. He could also feel the man's sorrow over his past acts--and his gratitude for this current revelation. Somehow seeing Nick loving Howie had turned the tide of his comprehension.

The man extended a ghostly hand that felt solid as it patted Nick's shoulder. Then he began to climb upward, his step quite jaunty.

Finally Hal drew near. "Thank you, brother," he said. "You did something wonderful for all of us--you and your man. I guess I'll see you again very soon. Be good and love one another," he added.

"Be happy, Hal," Howie breathed. The boy ghost nodded.

"Be good, Hal. Stay out of trouble," Nick added without thinking. Hal seemed like he was a brother. But one that could still use a little guidance!

"Oh, I will, brother. The same to you!" Hal laughed as he skipped merrily up the stairs. These stairs began to drift away as Hal's body disappeared into the plaster of the high ceiling.

There was a sound from outside the building. Nick forced himself to climb out of bed and go to the window. He glanced out and saw that the large willow had changed. It now seemed less twisted and sinister. There were some leaves hanging on the branches, which now only appeared to be dormant and not dead. It was just another tree--like all the other willow trees surrounding it.

Under the tree Nick could make out the large headstone. But the angel was nowhere to be seen. It had completely disappeared.

Nick padded back to bed and snuggled close to Howie.

"You broke the curse, didn't you Nick?" Howie asked.

"We broke it, Howie. The two of us together. I don't know how, exactly. But when the father saw us loving one another--not just the sex, but how passionate we were toward each other--he was moved to a point of understanding. He thought--just like Hal and the mother ghost--that I really was Nicholas. And that girl ghost--Deborah--'said' something to him. Maybe explained about her own true love. Anyway, it's over. They're released from haunting this house."

"And the house is just a lovely old mansion now," Howie added, leaning to kiss Nick.

"Yeah!" Nick exclaimed. "Very cool. I guess that's why she set the curse she limited the number of people who could enter to two. She somehow knew all along..."

"Who did, Nicky?" Howie asked.

"The mother wrote out the curse. I don't know if she knew exactly what she was doing, though. I think maybe she lost her mind at the end. But she's the one who put the curse on in the first place. I had this... um... like daydream before of her doing it. That was the document I saw before I came here."

"I'm glad for them, Nick," Howie said in a soft voice.

"Oh, me, too. Very glad. I'm also glad for us," he added, hugging Howie tight and kissing him.

They spent the rest of the night making love and then sleeping wrapped together as one in the large bed.

The following day they were met at the front door by the caretaker--just as they were leaving the old house.

"I've brought the rewards," the man said, his eyes wide and respectful.

"How did you know-"Nick began, only to have the man break in.

"Ah, sir, I awoke in the night and my heart gave a leap inside my chest. I rose immediately and began to make the arrangements. I opened the vault and took out this box. Inside is your reward for staying the night, sir."

Nick opened the small hand-carved wooden chest and found it held a beautiful and ornate diamond ring. He turned to Howie and slipped the ring on Howie's finger.

"That's for you," he said. "I couldn't have made it through last night without you," Nick added, smiling into Howie's surprised face.

"Thanks, Nicky. It's lovely." Howie lifted his hand and let the sunlight bounce off the ring and make prisms against the large door.

"And I finished the necessary paperwork," the caretaker added, handing a large folded document to Nick.

"What's this?" Nick asked, without bothering to open the papers.

"The deed to this house," the caretaker said, smiling widely. "It's your house, now, Mr. Carter."

His house? What was he going to do with it? And what would happen to this man who had been the caretaker his entire life?

"I'd like you to stay on and become the manager of this house. I want it turned into a museum. I'll help you finance it, of course."

"Thank you, sir. Of course, there is a great deal of money included in the estate. We could always use it to improve and maintain things."

"Good idea! I'll check in with you from time to time and see how it goes."

They shook hands and Nick and Howie leaned against each other for a moment.

"Let's come back here when it's all cleaned up. Keep a few of the rooms private. Just for us," Howie suggested.

"Perfect," Nick agreed, nodding. "Goodbye Hal," he added under his breath. "We'll see you again some day."

Nick took Howie's hand in his and they headed together toward the waiting car.

-the end-

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