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Title: "Stolen Kiss, Forever Hug" 1/1
Authors: Mistress Debra Joy and Prince Nikky
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Pairing: A Mystery! (LOL.)
Date: April 27, 2001
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Category: RPF (Real People Fic)--HET
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Warnings: HET! Not graphic, but it's still HET. Don't like HET, go away please. Thanks! Very romantic. If romance squicks you, say goodbye now...
Summary: She did the largest part of this--so most of the credit goes to her. I finished it. Points if you can figure out who wrote what... LOL! Blame for bad writing to *me*--she's too perfect in this one to complain to...
Beta: Nope. Alpha. Fire away--we can take it.
NOTE: It was written for each other, but I said we should share it with the list. So it here it is. Love it or hate it, but no lukewarm reactions are allowed! LOL. If we hadn't both written it, we'd be dedicating it to each other...

She kissed his lips. A soft, tender gesture that left a smile on his face and a pound in his chest. A stolen kiss that meant more to the both of them than they could possibly express.

A kiss that shouldn't happen, but desire took over and care was tossed to the wind when it came to being able to be together.

Her brown eyes shut as she leaned in for another kiss. Her tongue darting out to trace his full lips slowly, the tip of it so soft that it tickled him as she did it.

Once she was done tracing his lips, she placed her tongue in between them, opening them just enough to slip between. Once inside, she licked along the inside of his top lip as she sucked his bottom lip into her mouth.

A gentle inhalation on her part. A slight gasp from his lungs that shot a puff of breath into her mouth. She tugged at his bottom lip before releasing it and letting her tongue slide into his mouth. She licked at his tongue gently, tickling it with the tip of her own before withdrawing it from his mouth.

Their lips still connected, his tongue followed hers into her own mouth, only to feel her lips release his and wrap themselves around his tongue. Her lips sliding up and down his tongue slowly, painfully, as she inhaled it into her own mouth and sucked on it for all it was worth.

Her eyes opened and found his staring right back into them. Her lips spread into a smile as she continued to suck on his tongue, letting it go for only a second before repeating the actions all over again.

They kissed for hours, or so it felt like. Their arms wrapped around one another and fingers ran through hair, but that was as intense as it got. Their stolen moments wouldn't be ruined by sexual frustration. Fingers ran gently across cheeks. Over eyelids. Across lips just long enough for them to pucker and kiss the padding of the finger being used.

And then it was over. They had to leave one another. Unsure of when they'd be able to taste one another's kisses again.

He drove home in a daze. He could still taste the special taste that was *her* on his lips. He could still feel her mouth against his own. She was not his, but she was forever his. The kiss was more than a kiss; it was a promise between two souls.

Two souls united beyond the touch of the ground beneath his feet as he stepped from his car. He walked to the edge of the embankment and reached out his arms and embraced the coming morning.

He imagined he embraced her--and knew that she would feel his arms around her. The light of sunrise glowed red in the distance and he let his tears fall as he thought about her. Hair as red as sunrise. Streaming like rays of joy in his hands.

He was smiling--he was thinking of her. She was the hidden kisses of the twinkling night. She was the warm hug of the bright morning. She was his desire and his destiny and his--even when they were parted. His second and eternity of joy...

He walked away from the edge of the world and went back to his quiet life. Silent for want of her. But his heart was singing. "You are my fire. My one desire."

-the end-

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