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Title: "Ravaging King"
Author: Czar Nikky (Nik)
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Pairing: Uh, Hephaistion/Alexander ? (you'll see...)
Fandom: Alexander the Great
Date: October 20, 2004
Disclaimer: I don't own Hephaistion, Alexander or any other historical person. I have no movie rights (darn). I make no money (darn). Heck, folks, it's just for fun! No offense intended.
Category: Slash--m/m (yes, same gender love/sex is mentioned in this fanfic). Totally AU!!! (Not following historical occurrences, in other words.) Ah, no, I'm not always an AU writer! (Just cuz I write vampires and modern people in period places and junk... LOL.)
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Warnings: Slash isn't for everyone. (If you're offended by same gender involvements please don't read this. Thanks!) Violence. Death. Mayhem. Angst. (I think that covers it.)
Summary: Answering the challenge found here: the Alexander-the-Great-Fanfic list at Yahoo Groups, which basically calls for Alexander to wipe out 'Prince' Hephaistion's entire family and make him a sex slave. Oh yeah! Hephaistion is from another 'distant' land that Alexander just has to go conquer. So what's new?
Beta: FatJoey!!! Man, I'm soooo way glad he was around to read this over for me! You rock, FJ!
Dedication: April. I love you, baby! (And you do not keep me from writing fanfic. See? LOLOL.)


The sad thing is, I believe we could have been friends in a different reality...

We might even have been lovers...

I used to hear the tales of his exploits and wonder what he might be like, this amazing young king, this Alexander of Macedon!

I used to hear descriptions of him and long to look upon him; I'd think how I would gladly lie with him and give him pleasure.

Then he came to our kingdom and fought against our armies. It was in the field of war when I realized that this was no loving king I could give my heart to. It was then that I knew he was but a general who would force our kingdom to submit to his will...

In the long battle that raged across the plains--in tall grasses where I used to ride my pony as boy--I watched the army of Alexander slaughter my countrymen. I was there when my father was cut down to lie among the bloodied bodies. It is a sight that will stay with me until my dying days.

I, Hephaistion, was the youngest of my brothers, all now dead. It was not my place to someday rule. What unkind fluke of fate decided I should live while they perished? The two eldest had both been taught the business of managing a kingdom, while my younger brothers and I were set to other royal duties. Now I am the only one of them left alive--but mine is not the mind to make reason of this puzzle! I have no thought of how to save us from this calamity...

I have seen but sixteen summers; I am unprepared to be thrust into the role of savior! How can a youth be expected to stand against a king who is many years his senior and has conquered most of the world? This would be a task beyond men older and wiser than I.

The city walls and our palace were easily enough breached after the battle. When I was found alive among the wounded and dead they brought me back inside to the courtyard below the palace. My mother saw me from the balcony and screamed out. Perhaps had she been silent they'd have taken me for one of the other soldiers of the field, not recognizing I was a royal...

Some officer threw me down and tore off my clothes. He fell on me as my mother stood above us, looking on. He entered my body so roughly that I could not keep from crying out. I saw my mother cast herself down, just as I fainted from the pain. I know not how many men used me as my mother's body bled out on the ground beside me.

I thought he would put me to death when he heard I survived. This is what's done, after all. Why leave a member of my father's line behind to offer threat of revenge? Why worry that I might breed children who would someday make their claim on this city and land?

But he left me alive. He had me tended. The wounds of my body have healed well and quickly, though the wounds on my heart fester still.

I was taken away with the army when they departed the city, kept locked up in a wagon as we traveled. My appetite failed me, and I could feel myself beginning to move to a dark place deep inside. It was all I could do to awaken and dress at the break of each day.

Then came this evening of bright moon and stars. Men are at rest and play around the camp--I can hear the sounds of their laughter and song.

Slaves came to my wagon and I was washed and dressed with care, while the one they call Alexander's Persian Boy looked on, directing these activities...

I thought myself broken as I went meekly to the large tent where the king resides. I thought my heart had turned to stone as I was guided under a flap to an inner chamber there. They left me alone, standing silent and submissive with my head bowed...

Yet I fought him when he came and tried to take me in his arms. I struggled fiercely as he threw me down to the pillowed floor, pinning me under him, a wide smile on his face.

My strength was not fully recovered--nor could it be without more interest in food and drink. So he easily pressed into me, taking again what had already been violently ripped from me in the courtyard of my home; I had no virginity to offer him, this ravaging king.

He murmured to me in words I did not recognize, though I think I heard some brief mention of my beauty. Alexander's passion lasted long into the night...

Now finally he slumbers.

I've managed to throw off his unwelcome embrace and crawl from beneath his sleep-heavy limbs. Though bleeding and in pain, I was able to rise and move through this portion of the tent. Through a slit in the flap I saw his Boy, lying awake in the adjoining room, eyes large in the lamplight.

How he must hate the nights when this king has his way with slaves, hostages and captives, such as I...

I've returned to the bed and sit quietly at his side, staring down at him. There is no doubt he is beautiful--indeed, he is as beautiful as in any of my foolish dreams dreamt in past days.

His body is finely formed and strongly muscled. His face is fair and tinted gold by exposure to the sun. Though his honey-colored hair is in disarray, there is still a glow to that silken mass that catches at my heart...

We might even have been lovers...

Yes, I would have loved him--in a different reality.

But there is nothing but coldness in my heart on this night as I continue to stare down, watching him sleep. There's a tiny, sweet curve of smile on his lips and I find this enrages me beyond every other indignity and horror I've suffered. How dare he lie asleep and smiling?

The general and other leaders--the very men of his huge army--will find some terrible and slow way to put me to death when I'm discovered tomorrow morning. That's the way of this harsh world I was born into. But he killed my father, and he, too, was a king!

Perhaps it was not the hand of Alexander who cut my father down, but that matters little to me. It was Alexander who brought the battle to our door--and Alexander who stood to lead the army that doomed my family.

Yes, it was far easier than I'd expected to find a blade--even with his Boy close by and lying awake. The hilt in my palm is the best thing I've felt since before Alexander's army came to my homeland. With the fingers of my left hand I caress the blade and croon a silent paean of praise to the sharp point and honed edges of its length.

I have raised it up and will bring it down will all the force I can manage--I pray to all the gods it will be enough! Yet, I cannot stop my fingers from reaching down to stroke the skin of his face...

We could have been friends in a different reality...

We might even have been lovers...

-the end-

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