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Title: "Jared, the Painter" (Double-drabble, 1/1, RPS)
Author: Czar Nikky (Nik)
Feedback: Like it or not, please tell me. On list is always cool, by the way!
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Pairing: Jared Leto/Colin Farrell (kinda)
Date: June 14, 2005
Disclaimer: No offense or slander intended. I don't know 'em and don't think this is true. And there's no chance in hell I'm being paid to write this stuff...
Category: Slashy--yeah, as in male/male.
Archive: Boy Band Fic (love you, Kev!) and (others please ask--I'll probably say yes). Cool for this list, of course!
Warnings: Slashy. RP (yeah, real people!!!)--meaning it's RPS!
Summary: Answering the challenge found here: the Colin-Farrell-Slash list at Yahoo Groups. Wow, I soooo couldn't miss the birthday contest!!!
Beta: nada. It's Alpha--sooooo sorry!
Dedication: Mistress Marilyn -- congrats on getting through the parade in one piece!!!


Jared, the Painter


I wish I'd been born an artist, so I could put brush to canvas and paint the scene inside my mind! Colin's wild beauty deserves bold strokes of thick color. I'd work with verve defining the rounded curves of legs and ass.

I struggle with his hair--it must be long, yet I find myself uncertain whether to show dark locks or Alexander's golden frame. Heavy brows and warm brown eyes would be my center piece, drawing viewers close to peer deep.

I'd leave his chest and stomach bared, to best show the lovely lines of pectoral and abdominal muscles, lean and hard.

I want to make a portrait that will make the ages marvel over this man I've captured. Perhaps as people do with the Mona Lisa and her smile. I don't seek glory for my art, but only for my subject. But, alas, I was given no talent with pencil or brush.
Instead I use my feeble voice to offer Colin words of praise and support. My art is acting, but it takes no actor's pretense to tell him how amazing he is!

"Alexander, let me be your Hephaistion," I'll say--and hope that it's enough.

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