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Title: "Friends Help"
Author: Czar Nikky
Pairing: Ruben/Clay
Disclaimer: Real People Fic--with no intent to offend or slander anyone. It's fiction, period. I earn no profit from this work.
Summary: Clay's going crazy--Ruben helps him out.
Warnings: Slash and inter-racial (in case that bugs anyone).

They both glanced at the locked door before akwardly undressing.

The two nervous young men bent their heads close as they reached tentative hands downward. The contrast was startling--big, black Ruben and skinny, white Clay. They were like the opposite ends of the male contestant spectrum.

"Thanks, man," Clay gasped, as he began to spurt.

"Hey, it's okay," Ruben answered softly, his huge paw patting Clay's shoulder gently. "That man makes you half crazy, now doesn't he?"

Clay nodded and uttered a shaky laugh. "You know it. He has me up and down with a few words."

"Simon says."


-the end-

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