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Some (well, much) of the content at this site is mature, which means it's intended for an adult audience. While I'm personally pretty open about what makes someone an adult, for legal purposes that means you must be 'of age' for the country in which you reside to hang out here.

I write fanfic. The 'fan' part of that means the fic is based on various fandoms. For me, this has frequently meant boyband (and pop) related fandoms, generally featuring The Backstreet Boys.

If you're personally squicked or offended by RP (real people) fanfic, then you'll want to avoid reading any of the fic that's marked as being about BSB and NSYNC (etc.). I'm really careful about including a full template with every single fic, which includes detailed WARNINGS. If you find something in the template (which precedes every single fic here) that you feel might bug you, then simply don't read...

The 'fic' part of fanfic means exactly like it sounds: I'm writing fiction. I'm not trying to imply that a single word I write is true. (Sure, I really believe that Kevin Richardson is a vampire! ROFL.) If you're looking for facts about the 'real' people I write about, then you've come to the wrong place. Try a new search! LOL.

I also write other fandom-based fics, like stuff on Alexander the Great or some TV show (like "Law & Order") movie (like "King Arthur") or book (like "Harry Potter"). I don't claim to have any ownership of any of these properties that the fic is based on. I'm only 'borrowing' the genre/characters for my own fun.

Do I need to mention that I don't make money by writing fanfic? I mean, who would pay for it with the abundance available for free on the internet? I'm not out to make money, just to entertain!

Yeah, some of this stuff has the potential to be squicky. Squick means just what it sounds like: the person who is squicked reads something and feels 'icky'--uncomfortable. Hey, we're all squicked by something, so if you think you might be squicked by any of my stuff, I'd suggest you avoid it...

I love to write--and as a Creative Writing major (one of my duel majors in college) I try to bring both my talents and skills to my work. I appreciate hearing about your response as a reader and am glad to have errors pointed out to me. Feel free to send me an email--I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Feedback? I'm wild for it! If you feel inclined to write me about my fic, the website, or whatev, then please do! That's very cool. I've 'met' many awesome people via online--and hope to continue 'meeting' more in the future!


``Czar Nikky (Nik)

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