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Title: "Come Back" 1/2
Author: Czar Nikky & Debra
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Pairing: Willa Ford/Nick Carter
Fandom: RPF Boy Band--BSB (HET!!!)
Date: November 26, 2001
Disclaimer: We understand Real People Fiction offends many people. We're sorry if you are one of them, as we don't mean offense to anyone. These people are real and have lives we know nothing about. But this is fiction--and in here these folks are characters in a story--so this is meant to be enjoyed only as fiction. We admire these people and their families, friends and fans. We earn no profit from this fiction.
Category: RPF (Real People Fiction)--HET (Yes, Het! LOL.)
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Warnings: Only that this is RPF--Real People Fic written about a man and a woman we personally admire to pieces. So deal with it. Yeah, it's het. Somewhat graphic.
Summary: Willa Ford sends a letter to Nick Carter. What should he do? Should he answer it? If so, how should he do so?
Beta: Nope! Fire when ready!


Nick forced himself to open the envelope, hands trembling. He couldn't believe she was actually writing to him, after all that had passed between them.

He couldn't believe she was writing after all the time that had passed since they'd last greeted one another in civil tones. Nick could still hear her voice calling out to him at the VMA's. "Nikolas Gene Carter!" She was fond of putting him in his place by using his full name. Had it once sounded sexy--even endearing? He recalled that it had.

The paper was hot pink--no sweet soft pastels for Mandy. 'Willa,' his mind corrected him. 'She's Willa, now.' Had she--Mandy--belonged to him in that time before this stranger had appeared? This 'bad' girl with the attitude? This half-girl-half-woman named Willa Ford?

Nick opened the thick sheets of paper and forced his eyes to focus on her familiar script. He began to quickly read her words, his heart pounding fast and hard in his chest.

'I can still feel your hands on my body. Your lips on my skin. Your breath in my ear.

I miss that feeling.

I miss feeling like you were my shield--my protection. I miss that closeness where it felt like we were so connected, we'd melted together and there was no tearing us apart.

I miss that first feeling when you'd just entered me. How in touch I felt with you, both body and soul. I miss that look in your eyes when you'd look down at me as you rocked back and forth.

The way your hands grabbed at my breasts, cradled my face and held my legs around you. The way you'd flip over so that I was on top of you, all so you could see how I would bite my lip every time you'd thrust up into me.

How your hands would run through my hair and you'd use them to pull my face to yours and kiss me the entire time you came. Your moans and words muffled by my lips and tongue.

How you would immediately reach your hand down and bring me to orgasm with your fingers while you sucked on my neck, my earlobes and anything else that you could get your lips to touch.

How we'd hold one another afterward, whispering and holding hands and kissing until we fell asleep.

I miss that.

I miss it all, Nick. Do you? Do you think of me still? Do you miss touching me? Kissing me? Making love to me? Do you miss how I felt? How we felt together?

Do you miss being in me?

I do. I miss it all.



It wasn't what Nick had expected. His knees were suddenly rubber--he sat heavily down on the edge of the bed. He could feel the perspiration that had popped out on his brow. He read the words over again--more slowly this time.

'I miss feeling like you were my shield--my protection. I miss that closeness where it felt like we were so connected, we'd melted together and there was no tearing us apart.'

He *had* been her shield--many times. He hadn't imagined that--he was sure of it.

Nick could see her face in front him. Could imagine his hands tangled in her long, blonde hair.

Those had been some of the best moments of his life--serving as her protector. He'd felt as strong as some young god.

What had gone wrong between them? Had he really been as immature as she'd often said he was?

Had it been the fans? Mightily willing them not to be a pair? The pressure had been enormous at times. Especially for Mandy. ('Willa' his inner voice reminded him. Right.)

There had been moments were their bodies had melted together. When they had melded into one sweet creation of youthful love. It had often seemed so close to perfect.

Nick felt tears spring to his eyes. He wanted to have her there with him--in the room. He didn't want to pick up a telephone and call her. He couldn't imagine responding on paper. How could he possibly match the eloquence of her words?

He felt as clumsy as he often had when he'd stood beside her. Great big Nick Carter and sleek, lovely Willa.

Yes, she's Willa now. The new sensation--Willa Ford. And she wants to be bad with you, babies.

Nick continued to read over the paper that was now wrinkled from the tight grip of his large hands.

'How we'd hold one another afterward, whispering and holding hands and kissing until we fell asleep.'

How miraculous it had been to lie tightly wound together, face to face. His big leg thrown up over her legs and his arms wrapping her tightly against his chest.

Face to face, cheeks touching. Or lips brushing skin as they whispered and laughed--and, yes--as they kissed. He could almost smell her tangy scent in his nostrils--a mixture of citrus fragrance and her woman-musk and that coconut shampoo he so loved...

Nick wanted to be with her. He wanted to forget the hurtful things they had both said to one another--and the hurtful things they'd both done. He wanted to forgive her for the pain she'd put him through.

More importantly, Nick wanted to get on his knees and beg her to forgive him for the misery he knew he'd made her feel. His sweet love...

Nick wanted those times to be fodder they could both laugh about--mistakes of their youth. True, they might not be much older now, but they were both more mature. Far wiser, he was certain.

How to tell her? How to answer her letter--which was an obvious bid for a second chance?

Nick stood and moved to the bedside table. He picked up a piece of hotel stationary, searched for a pen, and scribbled on the cover of a tour program until the ink began to finally flow.

Finally he sat at the nearby table, pen in hand. He wrote in careful, neat script.

'Please come to me. I want you back.

Love, Nick'

Would it be enough?

Nick addressed the envelope and carefully folded the short note. He touched his lips to the paper in a brief kiss before slipping it into the sheath and sealing it.

He certainly hoped so. Waiting to hear would be so very hard. But at least he had her letter to reread while he waited.

He'd have to find her CD. He'd bought it, then hidden it away--afraid one of the other guys might see it and tease him. Afraid to admit that he still had feelings for her.

He needed to hear her voice--even if it was only in song.

"Come back," Nick whispered out loud.

-to be continued-

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